GFED: Global Fire Emissions Database

The Global Fire Emissions Database (GFED)  "combines satellite information on fire activity and vegetation productivity to estimate gridded monthly burned area and fire emissions, as well as scalars that can be used to calculate higher temporal resolution emissions."

Key Strengths:

  • Gridded "high resolution"

Years of Record

1997/01 to 2015/12
temporal metadataID:



Daily | Monthly | Annual

Data Time Period Extended?

yes, data set is extended


Spatial Resolution

720x1440, 0.25

Missing Data Flag

spatially complete

Vertical Levels

Input Data


Earth system components and main variables

Data Access: Please Cite data sources, following the data providers' instructions.

  1. Global Fire WEather Database (GFWED)
  2. Global Fire Emissions Database
  3. NASA GFED: tp to Be sure your ftp client is in "passive mode". Login as user: GlobalFWI

Key Figures

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GFED "basis_regions". [ D. Shea, NCAR]
Sample from January, 1997: Biomass-Burning-Carbon_Emissions (top) and the Contribution of Agriculture (bottom). [ D. Shea, NCAR]
Burned fraction (%) climatology: July: 1997-2015. [D. Shea, NCAR]

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