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CHELSA precipitation climatology in the Bhutan region. (contributed by D Karger)
CHELSA high-resolution land surface temperature and precipitation
Years of Record: 1979/01 to 2013/12
The Climatologies at high resolution for the Earth's land surface (CHELSA) dataset contains high spatial resolution monthly climatologies of mean, maximum and minimum temperatures and mean precipitation, representing the period 1979-2013.  CHELSA is essentially a statistical downscaling of the...
Main variables and Earth System components:
Formats: GeoTIFF Timestep: Climatology,Monthly Domain: Global
Landscape surface freeze/thaw status based on passive microwave remote sensing
Years of Record: 1979/01 to 2011/09
A global data set of the frozen state of the land surface (free-thaw (FT) status) has been developed spanning 1979-present at a daily timestep and 25 x 25 km spatial resolution. Based on passive microwave remote sensing, the FT parameter is closely related to the surface energy budget, hydrologic...
Main variables and Earth System components:
Formats: binary | GeoTIFF | HDF Timestep: Daily Domain: Global
NDVI: Climate Data Record (CDR): June 26, 1981
NDVI: Normalized-difference-vegetation-index: NOAA AVHRR
Years of Record: 1981/06 to 2018/03
Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) values are derived from surface reflectance data acquired by the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) sensor. By applying knowledge gathered over time about instrument performance and sensor characteristics, the data are reprocessed to...
Main variables and Earth System components:
Formats: netCDF | GeoTIFF Timestep: Daily Domain: Global
(contributed by W Meier)
NSIDC Sea Ice Index
Years of Record: 1978/10 to 2022/06
The NSIDC Sea Ice Index is a suite of easy-to-use sea ice analyses to track changes in Arctic and Antarctic sea ice. The product is produced and supported by the NOAA at NSIDC group and consists of browse imagery and data text files (CSV or Excel format). The input data is from two sources...
Main variables and Earth System components:
Formats: ascii | csv | GeoTIFF | Image | shapefile Timestep: Daily,Monthly Domain: Antarctic, Arctic
Sea Ice Concentration data from AMSR-E, AMSR2 & SSMIS, U Bremen and U Hamburg ASI algorithm
Years of Record: 2002/06 to 2011/10
The sea ice data derived from AMSR-E using the ARTIST sea ice (ASI) algorithm offer a factor of 4 finer spatial resolution than most sea ice data sets from passive microwave satellite instruments. ASI is based on the difference of vertically and horizontally polarized brightness temperatures at 89...
Main variables and Earth System components:
Formats: netCDF | HDF | GeoTIFF Timestep: Daily Domain: NH - Northern Hemisphere, SH - Southern Hemisphere, Antarctic, Arctic
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