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Climate Data Guide: AIRS V6-L2
AIRS (Atmospheric InfraRed Sounder): Version 6 Level 2
Years of Record: 2002/08 to 2016/09
AIRS Version 6 Level 2 data represent a significant improvement over AIRS Version 5 Level 2 products in terms of greater stability, yield, and quality. Several algorithmic improvements have been made by the AIRS Project in conjunction with the AIRS Science Team. Improvements include: (a)...
Formats: HDF | HDF-EOS Timestep: Sub-daily Domain: Global
AIRS and AMSU: Trace Gases (CO2, CO, CH4, O3...); Level 3
AIRS provides satellite retrieval of mid-tropospheric carbon dioxide even under cloudy conditions, without the use of a priori information from models. AIRS retrievals use cloud-cleared thermal IR radiance spectra in the 15 micron band with an accuracy better than 2 ppm. AIRS retrievals have been...
Main variables and Earth System components:
Formats: netCDF | HDF-EOS Timestep: Sub-daily,Daily,Monthly Domain: Global
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