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Global Ocean Heat and Thermospheric Sea Level Change

Using updated data from the World Ocean Database (Boyer et al, 2009) and improved ARGO profiling data, new estimates of ocean heat content and thermospheric sea level change (0-2000m) for the period 1955-2010 are derived.

Key Strengths:

  • Uses data not previously available; bathermographic data corrected for instrumental bias; improved Argo data
  • Error estimates

Key Limitations:

  • Individual grid points can be 'noisy.'

Years of Record

1955/01 to 2010/12
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Ocean or Land

Ocean Only

Input Data

bathythermograph, Argo profiler

Earth system components and main variables

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  1. Levitus et al, (2012): World ocean heat content and thermosteric sea level change (0–2000 m), 1955–2010. GRL VOL. 39, L10603
  2. Boyer, T. P., et al. (2009), World Ocean Database 2009, vol. 1, Introduction, NOAA Atlas NESDIS, vol. 66, edited by S. Levitus, 219 pp., NOAA, Silver Spring, Md.
  3. Wijffels, S. A et al (2011): Revisiting Halosteric and Thermosteric Sea-level Rise 1950-2000

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