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Tropical Moored Buoy System: TAO, TRITON, PIRATA, RAMA (TOGA)

The Tropical Ocean Global Atmosphere program (TOGA) is a component of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) aimed specifically at the prediction of climate phenomena on time scales of months to years. In order to achieve the TOGA goals, a strategy of large-scale, long-term monitoring of the upper ocean and the atmosphere has been developed. In particular, several moored bouy projects have been developed. The Global Tropical Moored Buoy Array is a multi-national effort to provide data in real-time for climate research and forecasting. Major components include the TAO/TRITON array in the Pacific, PIRATA in the Atlantic, and RAMA in the Indian Ocean. The TAO array (renamed the TAO/TRITON array on 1 January 2000) consists of approximately 70 moorings in the Tropical Pacific Ocean; PIRATA use ~20 bouys; and, RAMA uses ~23 bouys.

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1992/01 to 2013/04
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