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GPCC: Global Precipitation Climatology Centre

The GPCC provides gridded gauge-analysis products derived from quality controlled station data. Two products are for climate: (a) the Full Data Reanalysis Product  (1901-2010) is recommended for global and regional water balance studies, calibration/validation of remote sensing based rainfall estimations and verification of numerical models, and (b) the VASClimO 50-Year Data Set which is for climate variability and trend studies. The products are not bias corrected for systematic gauge measuring errors. However, the GPCC provides estimates for that error as well as the number of gauges used on the grid.

Key Strengths:

  • Large number of stations used; gauge network extends beyond GHCN

Key Limitations:

  • Variable number of stations per grid over time can be a major inhomogeneity source.
  • Monitoring products are frequently updated but climate products are not

Years of Record

1891/01 to 2018/12
temporal metadataID:



Climatology | Daily | Monthly

Data Time Period Extended?

yes, data set is extended


Spatial Resolution

0.5x0.5, 1x1, 2.5x2.5

Ocean or Land

Land Only

Vertical Levels

Input Data

station gague data

Earth system components and main variables

Data Access: Please Cite data sources, following the data providers' instructions.

Key Figures

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Climate Data Guide Image: GPCC precipitation for May,2012 GPCC precipitation for May,2012. (Figure produced via "GPCC Visualizer" tool)
Climate Data Guide Image: GPCC % of normal GPCC percent [%] of normal for May 2012. (Figure produced via "GPCC Visualizer" tool)
Climate Data Guide Image: GPCC precipitation estimates GPCC precipitation estimates (mm/day) for May 2012 [mm/month]. (Figure produced via "GPCC Visualizer" tool)
Climate Data Guide Image: GPCC: Number of station sused Number of stations used by GPC for May 2012. (Figure produced via "GPCC Visualizer" tool)

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