Comprehensive weather and climate datasets, reanalyses assimilate a variety of observations of the atmosphere, land surface, and ocean into a forecast model to provide a dynamically consistent estimate of the climate state at each time step.

Below is the atmospheric reanalysis overview page, which summarizes the attributes of the major atmospheric reanalyses. This section also includes selected oceanic reanalyses, although an overview is not available yet.

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Climate datasets

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ERA5 atmospheric reanalysis ERA5 atmospheric reanalysis
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ERA5, the successor to ERA-Interim, provides global, hourly estimates of atmospheric, ocean-wave and land-surface variables, at a horizontal resolution of 31 km and 137 levels in the vertical from the surface to 0.01 hPa (about 80km). Produced by ECMWF on behalf of the…

Main variables and Earth System components

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