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CRU sc-PDSI (self-calibrating PDSI) over Europe & North America

Maps of the monthly self-calibrating Palmer drought severity index (SCPDSI) have been calculated for the period 1901–2002 for the contiguous United States (20°–50°N and 130°–60°W) and Europe (35°–70°N, 10°W–60°E) with a spatial resolution of 0.5° × 0.5°

Key Strengths:

  • High resolution
  • The SC-PDSI improves upon the PDSI by maintaining consistent behavior of the index over diverse climatological regions. This makes spatial comparisons of SC-PDSI values on continental scales more meaningful.

Key Limitations:

  • Not updated

Years of Record

1901/01 to 2002/12
temporal metadataID:




Data Time Period Extended?

no, data set not being extended

Spatial Resolution


Ocean or Land

Land Only

Vertical Levels

Earth system components and main variables

Key Figures

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